Friday, July 27, 2012

Natural Bamboo Slimming Suit

Harga :1 pc RM28.00
  • Harga termasuk Pos : RM35.00/pc
  • Shop price : RM20.00 - min 10pc
S-M (45-60kg) Pinggang < 30 inci, pinggul < 38 inci,
L-XL (60-80kg) Pinggang > 30 inci, pinggul > 38 inci,
Material: Spandex / Cotton / Bamboo Fiber
Model Number: Bamboo Shaper
Gender: Women

Slim n lift Shaper/ Ahh Beauty Shaper / Women Natural Magic Bamboo slimming shaper/Charcoal Underwear 

Bamboo charcoal magic body sculpting clothing features:
Bamboo charcoal magic body sculpting clothing is designed based on ergonomic principles, in order to protect and adjust the figure, to fix concentration of fat, and righting the spine, correct posture. 
Women's gold point at the ratio of the growth direction and the body fat chest, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, you can place pressure on the vertical, horizontal, diagonal cutting three-dimensional integrated way, to give "measurements" fat a moderate uplift forces, tension and pressure in maintaining the function of regulating body temperature, while maintaining the right after the shift of fat to guide the flow, after a long period of wear (8 hours a day), a few months to achieve optimal positioning.

Bamboo charcoal magic body sculpting clothing role:
Shaping: The structure through the girly fat distribution according to the ideal state will be transferred to achieve the perfect physique.
Appear: The girly highlight the functional structure, emphasizing the golden ratio of the female body, to highlight the chest, hip curve, the effect of thinning the waist.
Slimming: Through the thickness of fat, structural changes, transfer of excess fat, and gradually achieve the weight-loss results.
Keeping: Already has an ideal body shape, body sculpting clothing worn by the long-term, to further improve the beautification of the body curve.


  1. hi, ad stok lg x? payment kt bank mane je ye?

  2. Stok ready. Payment ke akaun maybank.. sila email atau sms jika berminat.