Sunday, October 13, 2013

3D panties

Yoga Pants Women
Body Shape Women Pants  

1,Yoga Pants Women Body Shape Women Pants
2,Color:Beige, Black
3,92% polyamide fibre, 8% Spandex
4,Free Size

Yoga Pants Women Body Shape Women Pants
Beige, Black
Free Size (Hipline 87-105cm)
Leg shape, Body shape, abdomen in, Hip up, body slimming
92% polyamide fibre,8% Spandex

1, sing the Japanese professional bunched fabric - high-elastic cotton lung, with high restoring force that prevents fat flow, efficient closing fat, firming not tight.
2, reduction of seamless design, not only stylish and elegant, equally comfortable in contact with skin and soft.
3, waist / high waist panty fifth type, coating resistance, not only tighten the entire waist, also coated with a thigh location for lower body obese women the best choice. Abdomen, hips,
Stovepipe triple, easily create slim curve.
4, shaped buttocks circumference was closed after three-piece pleated design, effectively raising the hip line height, shape finished buttock line.
5, key parts of plastic, abdominal massage effect, shaping calm abdominal massage training

abdominal muscles, reduce fat production, taking seamless processing, personal wear smooth  trace.

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